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Cathy Huang
Founder & President 
CBi China Bridge


Christopher Benninger 
Architect, Pune


Prof. Subrata Bhowmick


Dr. Essam Abu Awad
Asst. Professor 
Faculty of Fine Arts & Design,Applied
Sciences Private
University Jordan


Pham Huyen Kieu
Hanoi, Vietnam








Dr. Albert Inyoung Choi
Hangyang University Korea


Uday Dandvate 
Founder, Sonic Rim


Prof. Anil Sinha 
National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad


Kari Korkman
CEO, Helsinki Design Week, Finland


Paul Neervoort
Head of UX Design ExB, The Netherland









Mark Watson
Design Providence
Co-convenor, Indo-
Australian Design
Research Alliance


Ms. Tet Reuver
Industrial Designer
Studio Tet Reuver
Head of Jury, Dutch
Design Awards


Luis Arnal


Dr. Ganesh Prabhu
Prof. of Strategy
Indian Institute of
Management, Bangalore, India


Natalia Sinepupova
Founder & Director
School of Communication,
Kiev, Ukraine











Georg Andreas Suhr
Brand Consultant
Partner for India for iD Institute 






















Cathy Huang, Founder and President of CBi China Bridge 

Cathy was the first Marketing Director of GE/Fitch China, and the former Project Manager of Haier Design Centre, where she acquired practical design knowledge and built strong relationships within the global design community. This learning and experience led her to start CBi, a company that combines business objectives with creative design.
Cathy has judged numerous renowned design awards, and she is frequently invited to speak at international conferences regarding innovation and design. In addition, her design views have been featured in magazines and television shows around the world. Cathy has published two books: "Mobile Inspiration" and "Managing Design for Business Success: Readings & Case Studies on Design Management".
Cathy is a respected thought leader in the design industry. Under her guidance , CBi has become the primary design research and innovation strategy consultancy in China.


Chrispopher Benninger, Architect, Pune


Prof Subrata Bhowmick, Ahmedabad


Dr. Essam Abu Awad, Asst. Prof. of Graphic Design, Faculty of Arts & Design,Applied Sciences Private University in Jordan

Essam is active in the academic and professional fields of graphic design. Regularly participates in academic conferences to discuss the issue of Graphic Design, its relation with arts and technology and the challenges of teaching Graphic Design.
He has participated in graphic design seminars and forums held at Amman, which focus on exchanging experiences and views on different issues that concern the process and techniques that are related to graphic design.
Essam has participated in graphic design conferences in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, USA and the United Kingdom.


Pham Huyen Kieu, Hanoi Vietnam


Dr.Albert Inyoung Choi, Hanyang University, Korea

ALBERT INYOUNG CHOI is a Professor of Communication Design Department at Hanyang University, Korea, specialized in Brand Design. He is the Director of the Design Research & Education Lab (DREL). He has taught in visual communication design at the University of North Texas (UNT) and California State University Fullerton (CSUF). Prior to become an educator, he was an art director for COY Los Angeles, a prolific graphic design firm in Los Angeles, California, USA.
He is the design author and inventor of the Hangeul-Gak (a personal design methodology), Design Conceptor (a personal design conceptualization methodology), and the National Street Name Plates & Building Number Plates for the National Governments of Korea.He is a founder and chief director of the United Designs, InternationalBiennial Design Exhibition. He served Visual Information Design Association of Korea (VIDAK) and Korean Ensemble of Contemporary Design (KECD) as a vice president.He has been an advisor for the Korean National Government Organizations and a Juror for many national and international design competitions. His design works can be seen in DESIGN MANAGEMENT by AVA publishing, COLOR MANAGEMENT by RotoVision, GRAPHIS LOGO 4 by Graphis, THE NEW AMERICAN LOGO by Medison Square Press, BREAKING THE RULES IN GRAPHIC DESIGN by Rockport Publishing, and CYBER DESIGN published by Rockport Publishing.
Essam hasCommunication Arts Magazine (USA), Print Magazine (USA), Graphis Logo Annual (USA), Graphis Poster Annual (USA), Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2010 (China),Moscow International Biennale of Graphical Design Golden Bee 6 (Russia), 9th Tehran International Poster Biennial (Iran), Kyosu Graphic Design Club (Japan) awarded him for excellence in design. The US Library of Congress has his outstanding posters as permanent collections. He has displayed his designs at national and international group exhibitions and solo exhibitions. He gave presentations to many national and international organizations, universities, and businesses on design education, design issues, research and branding. Now, he is actively operating design practice and pedagogy between Seoul and Shanghai.


Uday Dandvate, Founder Sonic Rim, USA


Prof. Anil Sinha, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad


Kari Korkman, CEO, Helsinki Design Week,Finland


Paul Neervoort, Head of UX Design, ExB, The Netherland

Paul is 'Head of UX' at ExB, a fast growing company creating innovative and (artificial) intelligent services and software in the domain of mobile, PC and cloud based solutions. As head of UX, Paul is responsible for the creative direction of the full UX of ExB, in the design and execution of the ExB interactive solutions, its brand identity and web presence.
Before joining ExB, Paul was creative director at Phillips Design, responsible for creating user experiences for Phillips Consumer Lifestyle. His role as creative director comprised the leadership of interaction design teams in Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. In his 19 years at Philips he worked across all domains from domestic appliances to mobile experiences, from innovation to execution.


Mark Watson -M Des. (Industrial) RMIT - Design Providence and Co-convenor - Indo Australian Design Research Alliance

Founded in 1990, Design Providence is a multi disciplinary practice in the field of Interior Architecture, Product and Service Design. Mark held office as Vice President with the Victorian Chapter of the Design Institute of Australia, also as Director with Arts & Recreation Training Victoria, and Artists & Industry.
Before joining ExB, Paul was creative director at Phillips Design, responsible for creating user experiences for Phillips Consumer Lifestyle. His role as creative director comprised the leadership of interaction design teams in Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. In his 19 years at Philips he worked across all domains from domestic appliances to mobile experiences, from innovation to execution.
Highly regarded for expertise in furniture design, the practice has work represented in the National Gallery of Victoria. Regarded as an expert in Innovation and Design Strategy through practice in Service Design, he has been appointed to the Australian Federal Government Innovation thinktank. Mark completed a Master


Ms. Tet Reuver, Industrial Designer , Studio Tet Reuver, Head of Jury, Dutch Design Awards, founder and co-director of LABminds ltd



Luis Arnal, Insitum, Mexico



Dr. Ganesh Prabhu, Prof of Strategy, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India

Ganesh N. Prabhu is Professor of Strategy at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB). His areas of research and teaching are product innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship.


Designer by training, founder and director of the School of Visual Communication, Kiev, Ukraine.

Her career began as a teacher of graphic design and composition at the Academy of Art (Naomi). From 2001 to 2003, was lucky to get experience at a leading Ukrainian TV Channel - "New Channel" - as full-time designer and photographer. Over the last four years, Natalia has passed through three intensive course at the British Higher School of Design (Moscow). She organises and participates in various festivals and exhibitions. Hobbies: haiku, abstract art, art collages.


Georg Andreas Suhr, Brand Consultant / Partner India for iD-institute

Over 25 years experience as creative director in the fields corporate identity, design strategy, branding and advertising as well, in agencies in germany and switzerland. Since 1996 Georg Andreas also works as lecturer at the “design akademie berlin”, university for communications design and marketing communications. He is member of faculty council.